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Exhibit & Interpretive Design & Production
Road Show
NASA, Space Travel 2020

Simulating consumer space travel in the future was the mission. The task was to transform the interior of a 53 foot  trailer into a consumer transport vehicle. Made available across the country by NASA, people of all ages could explore the opportunites to experience what it would be like to travel in the future.

It's all in how you Interpret!
Various state parks across Georgia

There are kinesthetic, viusal and audiotry learners. Successful intrepretation MUST employ all three styles in order to reach all audiences.  


When you dissect it even further, you'll know that there are visitors that only read the headlines, those that only read the sub text and those that pour through every possible detail.

​​It's all about the Adventure Pisgah National Park, Asheville, NC

Whether you're hiking, biking or driving, the path can be an adventure. And, within every adventure, lessons can be learned.


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