DL Interpretive  produces VISITOR CENTERS. Learning isn't limited to schools. Visitor Centers invite and educate children and adults alike to  explore a site's cultural, natural and historical environment through hands-on exhibits, artifacts and videos that highlight the landmark's attractions.

Exhibit & Interpretive Design & Production
Explore & Learn
Fort McAllister State Park 
Richmond Hill, Georgia

The Civil War exhibit is set in the context the Anaconda Plan: a  strategy employed by the Union to cut off Southern supplies via blockading  Southern ports. The focus of the exhibit is the Confederate blockade runner the Nashville, a privateer commissioned by the South to run the blockades set up in the Anaconda Plan. The exhibit highlights the Anaconda Plan, life as a sailor aboard the Nashville and the Montauk,  the monitor who shot her down.


Today, the Nashville still lies  where she met her demise in 1863, just below the surface of the Ogechee River at Fort McAllister.



DL Interpretive wins EMMY for writing, directing & producing "Voices".
Appalachian Farmer & Poet
Byron Herbert Reece Farm & Heritage Center  Blairsville, Georgia

The artists and educators connected with the Reece Farm have done an exceptional job in illustrating the life that was common to almost all rural folks in the first half of the last century.  The displays are approachable, understandable and present a fair balance of the challenges of rural life and how those challenges were met day in and day out with hard work.  School and adult groups will benefit for many years to come.  Thank you for recognizing this aspect of that era.  Mr. Reece’s personal items also lend insight to his quiet and too short life.



Becky Carlson

Go Fish!
Educational Center and Fish Hatchery 
Perry, GA

The Go Fish Georgia Initiative was set in place to promote and increase fishing in Georgia. More than 1.1 million anglers fish in Georgia and spend about $1 billion on fishing annually, thus boosting over $2 billion to the state's economy.


The Center and fish hatchery was designed to suppport and educate this initiative, allowing visitors to learn and experience "all about the fish!"


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