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Exhibit and Interpretive Design & Production
100,000 Visitors a Year
Sweetwater State Park, Georgia

A LEED certified building and one of the most environmentally friendly buildings in the country, welcomes upward of 100,000 visitors a year. The task was to invite visitors to come back and learn something new each time they come back with displays that show the history and wildlife of the area.

579,678 Members
FFA National Headquarters, Indpls, IN

"Future Farmers of America" was founded in 1928. Today, the FFA helps students develop 

leadership potential, carrer and personal growth through an education in agriculture.


150,000 Soldiers
The Battle of Resaca, Resaca, GA

On May 11th, 1864, The Battle of Resaca began. The area of Resaca, GA served as a staging and training area for the confederate soldiers during the Civil War. The battle is reenacted yearly on this site. It is the hope that funds will allow for this center to be constructed to pay homage to the 150, 000 soldiers that fought and lost their lives here.


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