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Space Planning, Design, (FF&E) Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment
National Cable & Telecommunications Assoc.
Capital Hill, Washington, DC

Representing 90% of cable operators in more than 51 cable television and 27 million digital telelphone customers, the NCTA lobby on Capital Hill replicates the modern American home and showcases the possibilities of technology in the home. 


This 1,000 sq. ft. home just off the lobby highlights a variety of cable products and services including:


  • High-Definition, On Demand & 3D Video Blu-ray 

  • Cable Voice & Wireless/Mobile Voice & Data 

  • DVR, streaming media & Whole Home Networking

  • Wireless/Mobile Voice & Data Applications, 

  • Cable's Parental Controls, Commitment to Education 

  • Movies, music, sports, video games & educational 

Lobby & Executive Briefing Ctr
Consumer Electronics Atlanta, GA

Where do potential customers & partners spend time when they come to see you? In your lobby. Take advantage of a captve audience and use it to showcase your brand! Introduce them with broadstrokes of what you offer.


Plan the showroom around your sales approach. The road map of the showroom should follow the product/ service catalogue.


Don't forget to utilize the conference areas as prime real estate to highlight product!


A City Within a City
National Cable & Telecommunications Assoc. Annual Meeting

Every facade is a storefront to a different technology. 


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